Hammond XB-2



XB-2 Version II : Most important new additional features...
  • The number of presets has been elaborated (Bank A,B,C,D x 8)
  • Percussion volume is now adjustable (16 steps)
  • Percussion is now monophone or polyphone playable at option
  • Many aspects of the digital Leslie are now adjustable.
  • Frequency depended percussion response like the B-3 models
  • Preset-protection per bank adjustable.
  • Pitchbend separate for Upper, Lower and 2 x Midi out.
  • Footswitch functions have been elaborated.
  • Midi-in separate channels for Upper and Lower. It's now possible to control 2 full range keboards without split!
  • Midi-out 2 zones full range.
  • Not only program-numbers but also variation numbers (bank-changes) possible to programme under the presets.
  • Drawbar set-ups now also via midi-control changes.
  • Adjustable midi-filters for programchange, volume en drawbar set-ups.